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Passover [Apr. 29th, 2005|09:45 pm]
[Current Mood |hungryhungry...for bread!!]
[Current Music |incomplete...haha]

WOw i totally betrayed MY lj for like 3 weeks...
well life has been going well..
Amanda, Jess, and I are running after school every mon. wed. and Fri. they are doing it to stay in shape..im doing it to get INTO shape!
So today after school I ran one mile and a lap and I walked a lap! I had to meet my Henderson friends at fridays at around 5 so I quikly drove home, took a shower, and drove to Fridays!!WOW Galen you got reallly tall! Joanna, sorry to say this but ur the same...which is good.. I love your personality and stay sweet! Patrick, wow you changed alot i haven't figured out why yet. Garret same o'l same o'l Garret! And lastly Josh same except you r hair is different and you r not into directing movies anymore!lol..good times good times...awwww.
well the limited amount of time we all spent together I had sooooo much fun and I cou;dn't stop laughing..lol Galen..he probably went to go throw up. DOn't get me a cake please!!!

well I g2g because I have nothing else to write except I just realized how much I miss my Henderson friends :(

P.S. PASSOVER is over on Sunday!!! wooooooo

I can't wait until Amanda comes over tuesday!!!

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BOSTON!! [Apr. 18th, 2005|06:01 pm]
[Current Mood |refreshed<3]

BOSTON Was AMAZING!!!!!! sweeny, amanda aka berry,emily, emily, sharon, allison p., Rachel, sammy,stephanie, kady, etc....


so thursday we landed and went on this awesome duck tour!!
friday- competition, so we pretty much stayed in weston high school the whole day. for dinner we went to play in a game show!
saturday award ceremony...1st place!! cruise...hava na gilla hava!!!lol!!o0o tower of power was amazing!

code brown!!code gorgeous!!!
peanut allegric table
ur not cute, ur not funny, uhhh, you kids are just morons...geeeeeez we just wanted to go to the bathroom
mike and ikes why not ike and mikes??
focus focus, 1-2-3-4
getting a wake up call @ 6 instead of 7!!! it's ok though the lady felt bad so she got us starbucks!!
listening to sharon's ipod! (israeli music)
learning to river dance...amanda we rock at it!!
three fingers
big booty, big booty....uh nope don't know that one...it must be a minnesota thing
froliking through the mall
I just want a freakin crab cake...poor poor sweeny
tilag, adnama, ylime

YJ this thursday!!! chocolate seder!!!! Yeaya!!
Henderson friends-lets go to chillis instead of movies!!!
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(no subject) [Apr. 12th, 2005|05:13 pm]
[Current Mood |workingstudying]
[Current Music |my sweater romance.. lol!!!]

Lunch was soooo funny today!!!less is more...less is more....with charmin ultra...less is more!!! with Jess
then in was Johnny with his sweater!!! i don't think i've ever laughed harder at lunch!!! my sweater romance...allison"i'm never wearing this sweater again to lunch" im trying to remember what Allison said to john after he said my sweater romance. LOL. omg im lauhing just thinking about it!
In bio..we reviewed..for tomorrow's test ;( i think it'll be easy though b/c it's just the names. WOw i definetly thought about the C is for cookie thats good enough for me... before mr. York said it.. lol
heather and her blue and red stripes with her plad skirt! lol! yes i KNOW im not matching!!

ok so thursday i leave for boston!!!! yeahhh Sweeny I can't wait!!

ta ta!!
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mall [Apr. 9th, 2005|09:16 pm]
[Current Mood |sleepyzzz]
[Current Music |mix]

So today Allison, Franny, Margo, and I went to the mall. on the way back my Dad and I were speaking hebrew so then Francine goes"i used to know how to speak hebrew...but now i don't" so like then Allison, margo and franni start singing the aleph bet..HAHAHA it was soooo funny!!oo0o i can't forget there is this SUPER SUPER hotttt huy at the music store near old navy. I had sooo much fun guys!!!

Afton we should sooooo go bowling!!
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weekend [Apr. 3rd, 2005|10:28 am]
[Current Mood |blahblah]

Friday Allison came over my house and @ 7:10 we met up with Margo to go see Miss Congeniality 2!!!! (it's a really funny movie btw!!!)(world peace!!)then Allison's dad drove us to my cousin's house which is where we saw Yasie, Lee, and Avital. Margo's mom told her that she had to go home so Yasie, Allsion, and I walked her home :) we stopped by this awesome fish pond at some person's house!!

Saturday I had a competition at school and it started @ 10. in order to celebrate...even though i didn't get my rating back my mom took Allison and I to starbucks...yummmy ( lol allison uhh tall decaf half half...wait what was it again??)when we came back home my sister was watching James and the giant peach so we sat and watched the ending with her until Allison's dad came. At around 8 I had to publix to get a cake for monday where i saw mrs. Niss!!!!!!! Then I had to go to Tal's house for a girl' gathering party thing which ended up being super fun!!!!( Sharon..IM THE MAFIA!!!lol)(your breaking the chain)(hey brachi, Sharon loves you!)
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the brick joke lol [Mar. 30th, 2005|04:44 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited for friday baby!!!!]

Allison Im super excited for friday!!!!

During Bio heather, Allison and I had such a fun time we couldn't stop laughing...or should I say I couldn't lol!!!......10 minutes.....metro.....mr. york?? r u ease dropping???....noooo u are dropping on me???? wtf. lol. well we also got out reports back...woooooop wooooop 94% and thank g-d i worked sooo hard on that!!!
Amanda also showed me all her N.Y. pictures during computers!!! It's looks like she had a lot of fun.
During lunch Jess was trying to teach us this cup trick.....allison just closed her eyes!!! LOL.....she also did the makeup thing again...that NEVER gets old!!!

after school..
Allison and I hung out in the cafeteria..

feel better Franni aka what a loser j/k j/k ilu


p.s. don't forget to tell ALlison the brick joke friday!!
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spring break [Mar. 27th, 2005|07:52 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredi wanna go to sleep early!]

im soo sad that interims are over! I met so many new people...good times good times.

ok so this is what I did during break:
drove to washington. man was that tiring! D.C. was freeezing. in D.C. we went everywhere except the capital cuz the tickets were sold out..and the white house.
since I was born near D.C in maryland we visited my old home there. I would say good times except we moved here when I was a year old so don't really remember anything. at the Hotel we stayed at they had the coolest pool. after two days in maryland/D.C. we drove to north pennsylvania. there was a huge traffic jam there and we literally didn't move for an hour! it was ok because my sister and I kept sticking out our hand to feel the snow...something we don't get in sunny FL!! once we got to the Hotel my sister and I had snowball fights! we also tried making snowmen but our hands were too cold so we just went back inside. Thursday we drove to phyladelphia to visit my brother in Upenn!! he showed us his dorm and friends. since that night it was purim my brother and his friends made a huge spongebob costume for him. He walked to Hillel with us wearing it!!! on the way there a little girl from one of the cars said " hey, it's spongebob!!!"
well, that was my spring break i got back yester day @ 12 am!!!!

sooo not looking forward to school tomorrow!! but i miss my friends so i don't mind.

c ya!!!
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Buttons [Mar. 16th, 2005|06:29 pm]
[Current Mood |ditzyditzy]
[Current Music |green day]

So today our interim went to the mall!!!I had soooo much fun I got bermuda shorts and m.a.c. makeup. when we were at Oldnavy I saw these really cute jeans so i tried them on and they fit perfectly!! except when I went out to show Emily and ALlison I realized that the top button was missing and there was a tag that said 30% off (button missing) allison, emily and i laughed sooooo hard because when I gave it to the guy that opens the rooms (witch by the way was super cute) i said "These pants are missing a button but it's ok because it says it, WHATEVER!!" HAHHAHA omg for some reason Allison and I thought it was hysterical!!!!! bahahaha. yeah so after that the three of us went to brookstone and sat on those awesome massague (i don't know how to spell it) chairs and chilles until 1:50

so that was my day!!!tomorrow were going to guttrocks??? i hear it has really good food.

pennsylvania!!!!!!!! 3 days!!!!
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my big toe [Mar. 14th, 2005|08:31 pm]
[Current Mood |flirtyflirty]
[Current Music |y100]

where to start? So during our break Emily, Caroline, franni, and I headed towards the cafeteria. I opened the door and the handle slipped out of my hand then someone just opens the door WIDE open on my toe. oww!!! when I first looked at it I was thinking "yes it's not bleeding" and of course right then it started bleeding! so Caroline and Emily took me to the nurse. thanx guys ;)
After break we came back to the chem room and Fran and I watched NOT ANOTHER TEEN movie with Alysa. of course I was the one stuck reading the capptions because the headphones where taken ;( it was ok b/c when the class was watching raising helen Courtney and I watched it again. During all this allison was downloading and playing the SIMS 2!!!!! sooo awesome. (lol...wow they are really into it) before lunch Fran, Caroline, Emily and I played Kamps! (RICE!...uhh thats a food francine!!...oh right!)
Afterschool we met up with Jess who just came back from the NY interim!! And tyler was telling us how you can tell that her Dior bag wasn't real (which she knew it wasn't)

well neways my hand is starting to hurt
c ya
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(no subject) [Mar. 9th, 2005|04:24 pm]
[Current Mood |peaceful...not if i kill you first!lol]

Today was fun we made shampoo and finished watching the princess diaries.After the princess diaries 1 we saw princess diaries 2!! took a break @ 10. During lunch we talked about switching into scatturo's interim.Then in the after noon me, Courney, bingle, Franni, and Emily hung out @ lakeside.and from 2- 3 all we did was play games on our computers. (wonka.com has the best games ever!) I can't wait for tomorrow b/c we get to bring in makeup, straighteners, curlers, outfits, etc.. so Sofia is doing my make up and courtney is doing my hair!

ok i have to go b/c my sis is being herself..

can't wait for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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