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weekend [Apr. 3rd, 2005|10:28 am]
[Current Mood |blahblah]

Friday Allison came over my house and @ 7:10 we met up with Margo to go see Miss Congeniality 2!!!! (it's a really funny movie btw!!!)(world peace!!)then Allison's dad drove us to my cousin's house which is where we saw Yasie, Lee, and Avital. Margo's mom told her that she had to go home so Yasie, Allsion, and I walked her home :) we stopped by this awesome fish pond at some person's house!!

Saturday I had a competition at school and it started @ 10. in order to celebrate...even though i didn't get my rating back my mom took Allison and I to starbucks...yummmy ( lol allison uhh tall decaf half half...wait what was it again??)when we came back home my sister was watching James and the giant peach so we sat and watched the ending with her until Allison's dad came. At around 8 I had to publix to get a cake for monday where i saw mrs. Niss!!!!!!! Then I had to go to Tal's house for a girl' gathering party thing which ended up being super fun!!!!( Sharon..IM THE MAFIA!!!lol)(your breaking the chain)(hey brachi, Sharon loves you!)