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spring break [Mar. 27th, 2005|07:52 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredi wanna go to sleep early!]

im soo sad that interims are over! I met so many new people...good times good times.

ok so this is what I did during break:
drove to washington. man was that tiring! D.C. was freeezing. in D.C. we went everywhere except the capital cuz the tickets were sold out..and the white house.
since I was born near D.C in maryland we visited my old home there. I would say good times except we moved here when I was a year old so don't really remember anything. at the Hotel we stayed at they had the coolest pool. after two days in maryland/D.C. we drove to north pennsylvania. there was a huge traffic jam there and we literally didn't move for an hour! it was ok because my sister and I kept sticking out our hand to feel the snow...something we don't get in sunny FL!! once we got to the Hotel my sister and I had snowball fights! we also tried making snowmen but our hands were too cold so we just went back inside. Thursday we drove to phyladelphia to visit my brother in Upenn!! he showed us his dorm and friends. since that night it was purim my brother and his friends made a huge spongebob costume for him. He walked to Hillel with us wearing it!!! on the way there a little girl from one of the cars said " hey, it's spongebob!!!"
well, that was my spring break i got back yester day @ 12 am!!!!

sooo not looking forward to school tomorrow!! but i miss my friends so i don't mind.

c ya!!!