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my big toe [Mar. 14th, 2005|08:31 pm]
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where to start? So during our break Emily, Caroline, franni, and I headed towards the cafeteria. I opened the door and the handle slipped out of my hand then someone just opens the door WIDE open on my toe. oww!!! when I first looked at it I was thinking "yes it's not bleeding" and of course right then it started bleeding! so Caroline and Emily took me to the nurse. thanx guys ;)
After break we came back to the chem room and Fran and I watched NOT ANOTHER TEEN movie with Alysa. of course I was the one stuck reading the capptions because the headphones where taken ;( it was ok b/c when the class was watching raising helen Courtney and I watched it again. During all this allison was downloading and playing the SIMS 2!!!!! sooo awesome. (lol...wow they are really into it) before lunch Fran, Caroline, Emily and I played Kamps! (RICE!...uhh thats a food francine!!...oh right!)
Afterschool we met up with Jess who just came back from the NY interim!! And tyler was telling us how you can tell that her Dior bag wasn't real (which she knew it wasn't)

well neways my hand is starting to hurt
c ya